Warped: Metaverse

Release Holiday 2018

Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita


In Warped: Metaverse, you play as a teenager named Jay, who lives in the exciting yet small town of Basilium City. However, something is a little off with this town. It doesn’t seem like a real city; because it isn’t. Jay is living in a simulation, specifically a video game. He soon becomes self aware which causes the simulation to malfunction. In an attempt to restore balance, an unidentified organization seeks out to destroy Jay and everything he holds dear.

Choose How You Play!

Enjoy a sandbox-style 3D adventure and discover new game worlds inspired by popular and classic video games. As you play,  unlock new playing styles like the Terrace(platformer), Barrage(shooter) and Mogen(RPG) skill which are a few to discover. Players will be able to alternate between these styles at any time to defeat challenging enemies and solve puzzles. Every skill has its perks and disadvantages, study your enemies, learn from your mistakes and utilize different aspects of each skill to your advantage.

Liberate Worlds

Follow the story or venture on you’re own to liberate game worlds by defeating unique and challenging bosses. When a world is liberated, you can receive help from local NPC’s and purchase new power ups and unlock new side missions.

Notoriety Level  

Start a rampage by vandalizing the city or assaulting NPCs. Stronger and stronger enemies will come in waves, see how long you can survive.

If you lose all your health, some of your collected gems are confiscated and brought back to their original location.

Mini Games

Each town has it’s own set of mini games to make the game world more immersive, enjoy RC racing to solving puzzles

Cheat Codes

Nothing much to say here, just enjoy some good old fashioned cheat codes.



We are trying very hard to replicate the same musical vibe and feel found in the games the worlds are based on. Expect bombastic orchestral tracks in the Sci-Fi world to soft tribal music in the Medieval realm.

One of the beautiful worlds in Warped: Metaverse is based on classic 3D platformers like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie; gibber talk and all. Even though we’ll be making fun of some of the aspects of those games, we didn’t only want the game to visually represent that category, but to fully immerse Jay and the player into that world. What better way than to include a musical performance by the legendary David Wise (Donkey Kong Country, Yooka-Laylee, Snake Pass). So if the KickStarter stretch goal is met, David will be contacted to assist in composing a beautiful piece for the game.